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Daily Lunch Specials

A different buffet selection from the chef each week
June 19The Tastes of Taiwan
Appetizers & Soup:
Bamboo, Shimeji Mushroom & Okra Salad with Spices
Jellyfish and Cucumber in Sesame Oil
Crepes filled with Pork Strips and Bamboo
Crumbed Oysters in Yam Flour
Tofu & Seaweed Broth
Hot Dishes:
Crispy Pork Chops with Preserved Plum Sauce
Braised Chicken with Herbs and Sesame Oil
Crumbed Carp Fillet with Sesame & Vinegar Sauce
Braised Preserved Boneless Pork Knuckles
Stir-fried Mushrooms in Taiwanese Style
Crispy Shrimp and Pork Mousse in Taiwanese Style
Serving Station:
Taiwanese Preserved Meat with Rice or Noodles
Braised Beef Shanks with Spices
Taiwan Noodles, Vegetables, Beef Turnip Soup
Pineapple Crepe Stuffed with Red Beans
Assorted Dumplings
– Lacto-ovo Vegetarian       – Vegan               – Contains Alcohol
Tuesday, June 20
The day’s special from the Carving Board, with Soup of the Day & Dessert
Wednesday, June 21
International Spicy Feast Buffet Lunch
Thursday, June 22
Roast Striploin of Beef with Soup of the Day & Dessert
Friday, June 23
The FCC’s famous Lamb Schwarma, carved at the counter &
served with Greek salad and Pita Bread, Soup of the Day & Dessert
Chinese menu available upon request



Human Rights Press Awards


The Human Rights Press Awards are run by the FCC, Amnesty International Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Journalists Association. The ceremony took place in May 2017. Click here to see the winners.