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International Spicy Feast Buffet Lunch

 Spicy & Sour Vegetable Broth
 Appetizers & Salads 
Ham, Pasta & Corn Salad
Tandoori Fish Salad
Vegetable Pakoras with Dip
Aloo Ka Samosas
Vegetable Spring Rolls with Bean Paste Dip
Celery & Wood Fungus Salad
with Sweet Chili Sauce
 Pepper Naan
 Plain Naan
 Pulao Rice
 Steamed Rice
 Main Courses 
Chicken and Lady Finger
with Thai Red Curry

Sautéed Squid and Shrimp
with Holland Beans in Chili Sauce
Tandoori Pork Kebabs
Pork Cutlets with Japanese Curry Sauce
Vietnamese Potato & Fish Curry
Indian Kundan Dal and Chickpeas

Stir-fried Vegetables with
Chili and Thai Basil

 Fresh Fruit Platter
Pineapple, Honey Dew, Watermelon and Cantaloupe
 Mini Caramel Custard
 Mini Éclair with Chocolate Cream
 – Lacto-ovo Vegetarian          – Vegan
*If you have any food allergies or intolerances please inform us
Please reserve with the FCC Lounge Staff at (tel) 2844 2806
(fax) 2868 4092 or (email) gro.k1503119785hccf@1503119785tnaru1503119785atser1503119785.
Menu items are subject to change without prior notice


Human Rights Press Awards


The Human Rights Press Awards are run by the FCC, Amnesty International Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Journalists Association. The ceremony took place in May 2017. Click here to see the winners.