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New Year’s Eve bash

It was a lively end to 2015 at the FCC’s annual New Year’s party. The new price structure (one price for all) made sure that the beginning of 2016 was wet and loud. When it was time for the piper’s traditional walk around the bar he had to struggle through the crowd. A DJ in the Main Bar kept the place hopping until the early hours.

IMG_6797 IMG_6799_Wyng Chow IMG_6800 IMG_6804_Wyng Chow

IMG_6816 IMG_6820_Wyng Chow IMG_6822_Wyng Chow IMG_6824

IMG_6830 IMG_6833 IMG_6835_Wyng Chow IMG_6837

IMG_6839_Wyng Chow IMG_6844 IMG_6846_Wyng Chow IMG_6849

IMG_6850  IMG_6855 IMG_6859 IMG_6862_Wyng Chow

IMG_6865_Wyng Chow IMG_6866  IMG_6870 IMG_6871

IMG_6875_Wyng Chow IMG_6879 IMG_6883 IMG_6893

IMG_6895  IMG_6898 IMG_6899 IMG_6903

IMG_6905_Wyng Chow IMG_6906 IMG_6908 IMG_6910

IMG_6911 IMG_6913_Wyng Chow IMG_6914 IMG_6918(1)

IMG_6923  IMG_6935 IMG_6944 IMG_6945

IMG_6946_Wyng Chow IMG_6949 IMG_6951_Wyng Chow IMG_6955_Wyng Chow

IMG_6958_Wyng Chow IMG_6960_Wyng Chow IMG_6962_Wyng Chow IMG_6963_Wyng Chow


Photos by Wyng Chow

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