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China’s “Peripheral” Populations

FCCCN_ViswanathAvid China-watcher and correspondent, Anurag Viswanath, spoke at the Club recently about the conditions and treatment of China’s wide variety of “peripheral” groups, and how what this says about contemporary China.

FCCHK-Anurag ViswanathChina’s “peripheral” groups have many dimensions. These are geographical, as in the ethnic minorities in the far-corners of China like the Mongols and the Uyghurs, social, as in the migrants, rural poor and the LGBT community, and religious, as in the Hui Muslims of Xian and Jews of Kaifeng. Ms. Viswanath looked at these groups – both from its genesis to how they were faring in today’s China, and as a comparison and contrast between the “peripheral” and mainstream population groups.

Ms. Viswanath has written about China for more than a decade for the Bangkok Post, The Nation and Prachatai (Thailand), Far Eastern Economic Review (HK), Business Standard and Financial Express (India). She has widely travelled in China, speaks Mandarin and lived in Shanghai as a researcher at Fudan University for her doctoral work on China’s reforms from Delhi University. She recently published a book Finding India in China: Travels to the Lesser Known.

Club Lunch: What the “Periphery” Tells Us About China?

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