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Corporate leadership challenges in Hong Kong

Ron Brown-FCCWhether you are senior manager in a multinational, or still climbing the corporate ladder, the challenges of leadership are still the same… and especially heightened in Hong Kong, said Organisational Psychologist Ron Brown at an FCC lunch on June 1. He said Ron Brown-FCC1Hong Kong that may be one of the most international cities in the world, with expatriates and locals working together on a team – but many times, tensions arise as leadership gets lost in translation, and execution.

Brown looked at the nature of politics in organisations; the relationship between power and leadership; the unique cultural and gender challenges in gaining and using power and leadership; and how to develop personal strategies for achievement, power and leadership.

Brown, known as a “Career Whisperer”, has helped more than 3,000 journalists via the Asian American Journalists Association in the US. He has also served as a prime consultant to major Fortune 100 corporations.

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