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Dying in the pursuit of news

Gary PruittGary Pruitt, president and CEO of Associated Press, at an FCC lunch at the end of March, talked about the growing threat to journalists worldwide and the challenges it imposed on news organisations whose mission is to inform the public. He talked about steps to address the risks journalists face as they covered the news, including international action, as well as bringing to justice those who kill them.

IMG_0289Around the world, freedom of speech and expression was increasingly being threatened, with journalists in conflict zones facing particular dangers, Pruitt said. In very few places anymore were journalists safe from harm. Once welcomed as the voice of truth and fairness and the public’s eyewitness to history, they had become targets. Last year, 61 journalists were killed while covering the news – four of them were from AP, including photographer Anja Niedringhaus, was shot by an Afghan policeman charged with protecting her.


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