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IMG_0860Chandran Nair, founder and CEO of the Global Institute For Tomorrow, said, at an FCC lunch on May 7, that “The Other Hundred Entrepreneurs”, a not-for-profit book by the Institute , was about the people who have never written a formal business plan, hired an investment bank or planned an exit strategy. Some work for themselves, others employed a few people, still others a few hundred.

These were the people behind the statistic that small and medium-sized businesses contributed half of all jobs in Africa and two-thirds in Asia. he said. In the rarefied world of global business, an obsession with funding and finance, debt-to-equity ratios and return on capital mean the idea of what an entrepreneur was has lost almost all connection to the ways in which a person sets about trying to improve their well-being by starting a business.

Nair wanted to return the word “entrepreneur” to its roots by capturing a tiny part of IMG_0848the enormous variety of ways in which entrepreneurship manifests itself around the world, thriving across cultures, classes and genders, in everyday life and in the unlikeliest of places.

Nair as founder of the Global Institute For Tomorrow, an independent pan-Asian think tank providing executive education from an Asian worldview, is a regular speaker at the global forums including World Economic Forum, APEC Summits and OECD events.

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