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FCC Board elections

The annual FCC Board elections are with us next month, so if you have ideas about what the Club should be doing – or saying – now is your chance to get on the Board and make a difference.

April 1 is the nomination meeting, at the end of which the final list of candidates is declared. The meeting allows members to be nominated from the floor, if you hadn’t already completed a nomination form.

By April 8 candidates should have submitted a bio and policy statement, which will then be sent to all members along with voting forms.

In the long-standing FCC tradition, voting is by mail or placement in the ballot box in the Club foyer up until 5pm on May 20. The long voting period dates from the time when many members were working out of Hong Kong for extended periods – not unlike now – so gives members ample time to vote.

The next day – May 21 – is the AGM. At the end of the meeting the new governors formally take office… and it’s usually followed by the first meeting of the new Board.

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