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Fine wine from Shanxi

IMG_1265While China may be the world’s second-largest grape producer after Italy, Chinese wine is still relatively unknown outside of China. However, that has begun to change with the likes of Judy Chan, president of Grace Vineyard, who hosted a FCC wine dinner at the end of May.

Grace Vineyard was started by her father CK Chan and a French friend, Sylvain Janvier, in 1997 in Shanxi province. It was four years later, in 2001, vineyard produced its first vintage. Chan said they work with about 580 families who grow grapes which they buy.  Her own operation employs some 40 people covering vineyard management, winemaking and bottling. They visit the farmers regularly to check that everything is done according to the vineyards standards

The wines presented include: People’s Series Chardonnay 2011; Tasya’s Reserve Chardonnay 2011; People Series Cabernet Merlot 2011; Deep Blue 2011; Grace Vineyard Sonata Series 2012.

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