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Fortunes and War

ClareH_PostMagazineFC_6193_loClare Hollingworth, the FCC’s very own legendary correspondent and renowned “Doyen of War Correspondents has come full circle, from making the news to being in the news.

Last Sunday’s Post Magazine ( August 28, 2016) saw Clair featured on its front cover with a photo taken of Claire in full flight gear in the cockpit of a British fighter jet. Inside the magazine she was given a featured four-page spread, plus another double-page spread book review of her recently published biography, “Of Fortunes and War”, written by her nephew Patrick Garrett.

Clare’s has truly been a remarkable career and as one of the world’s first female ware correspondents, she led for others to follow.  Claire will be 105 in October, a remarkable feat in itself, and as usual her birthday will be celebrated in the reading room a the FCC.

You can read Fionnuala McHugh’s feature, “ Long Story..”online at;

and, Joyce Lau’s book review at:
Clare front cover
Patrick’s Book, “Of Fortunes and War”, is available from the FCC’s Front Office.






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