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Get out and vote in Board elections

This year for the annual FCC Board election, the top two positions are uncontested so the President-elect is Tara Joseph (Reuters) and the First Vice President-elect Keith Bradsher, (The New York Times).

The rest of the positions are hotly contested.

In the race for Second Vice President, the current Treasurer Tim Huxley (Wah Kwong Maritime Transport) will face off against former Board member Wyng Chow (The Standard).

For Correspondents election, there are 10 standing for eight positions.

Current Board members who are standing for re-election include: Florence De Changy (Le Monde and French National Radio); Nicholas Gentle (Bloomberg News); Nan-Hie In (Freelancer); Juliana Liu (BBC News); and Carsten Schael (Carsten Schael Photography).

Those new to the race include: Ryan Brooks (Thomson Reuters); Stewart Hawkins (Bloomberg News); Paul Mozur (The New York Times); Kate Whitehead (Freelance); Eric Wishart, Agence France-Presse.

Both incumbent Journalist governors are restanding uncontested: Clifford Buddle (SCMP) and James Gould (RTHK).

For the first time in years the competition is on for Associate positions on the Board. The three incumbents are Kevin Egan (Baskerville Chambers); Elaine Pickering (Vision 2047 foundation); and Simon Pritchard (Gavekal Research).

Of the three others contesting, Jonathan Hopfner (New Narrative Ltd) is a former Board member; Paul Christensen (retired telecom executive); and Nigel Sharman (Clifford Chance).

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