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Golf tradition continues

FCC golf
From the left, Jeremy Bolland, Connie Bolland, Sabrina Wong and Russ Julseth

The FCC Golf Society is dedicated to getting out and playing a round of golf every month with a group of people who enjoy the game, friendly competition and some social entertainment.  We play most often at the three public courses in Kau Sai Chau the third Friday of every month. The Zhuhai courses in China and the Macau Golf and Country Club provide some added variety to the mix. You don’t have to be an obsessive golfer to join. Currently we have 60 members with handicaps ranging from 12 to 40. Generally, we have 12 to 25 golfers for each event.

We kicked off our 2015 schedule January and February on the North course at Kau Sai Chu, Hong Kong’s premier public course. We followed this with a trip to Macau Golf and Country Club for an annual competition and dinner at the Miramar restaurant. This is an annual, not to be missed event of golf, Guinness and gluttony. We followed this with events at Kau Sai Chau in April May and June.

Next events: September 18 at KSC for a social day of golf and then a competition with the Hong Kong Seniors Golf Society on October 19 at the same venue.  After each event we return back to the 19th hole, and celebrate the golf round with lunch, prizes and good cheer.

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Photo supplied by: Russ Julseth

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