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Hong Kong still at the centre

IMG_1609Four years ago GE Vice-Chairman John Rice opened GE’s Global Growth headquarters in Hong Kong, highlighted the importance of non-US markets to the company and the city’s role as a global city. During 2014, as Hong Kong saw a large-scale occupation of its streets by pro-democracy protesters, GE was busy booking orders in over 170 countries with over 60% of industrial orders coming from outside the US. Rice discussed how Hong Kong maintained its appeal as a centre for global commerce in the face of a volatile and continually changing global environment.

IMG_1601Rice began his GE career in 1978 and has had numerous leadership positions based in the US and in other global markets, including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Canada. Immediately before his current role running the Global Growth operations in Hong Kong, he was president and CEO of GE Technology Infrastructure, while already vice-chairman.

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