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Hosting of US Media Group

On Monday 26 September, the FCC hosted members of the China-United States Journalist exchange. The exchange provides an opportunity for five Chinese journalists to visit the United States and six US participants to visit China and Hong Kong. Sponsored by the All China Journalists Association, Better Hong Kong Foundation and East-West Centre, the exchange is designed to explore the dynamics that shape the bilateral relationship between the two countries. The evening was a fun and informative occasion where the members of the group shared experiences of their visit, which has included meetings with Chief Executive CY Leung and the Department of Justice.

Elaine Pickering
Hosting of US Media Group









Back Row from left to right
Mr. Don Lee, Economics Reporter, Los Angeles Times
Mr. Jake Heller, Producer and Host, NBC News
Ms. Elizabeth Ralph, Deputy Editor, Politico Magazine
Mr. Jesus Ayala, Producer, ABC News
Mr. Eric Wishart, AFP and BOG FCCHK
Ms. Jessica Schulberg, Foreign Affairs Reporter, Huffington Post

Front Row from left to right
Ms Sarah Monks, Member, FCC
Ms. Liz Jones, Reporter, KUOW Public Radio, Seattle, Washington
Ms Nan-Hie In, Freelance Reporter, BOG FCCHK
Ms Juliana Liu, BBC News, BOG FCCHK
Ms Elaine Pickering, BOG FCCHK

Photo: FCC

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