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Life in HK prisons

IMG_0893Prisons are public institutions that are, for various reasons, not accessible to the general public, said  prison chaplain Tobias Bradner at an FCC lunch on May 11. One important exemption are religious visitors who have been given access to the world of confinement in order to care for the spiritual needs of the inmates.

Brandner’s 18 years as a prison chaplain has given him insight into the hidden world of imprisonment, he IMG_0888said. His talk focused on the life realities of those in prison, about who they were and what are their perspectives. He shared his views on the correctional policies in Hong Kong.

Brandner, an ordained pastor of the Reformed Church,  moved to Hong Kong in 1996. and from 1998 has been a prison chaplain in various prisons in Hong Kong on both full time and part time capacities. He is also an associate professor at the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies of ChineseU.

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