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Lively send-off for Hoi-Lo

IMG_2845_Hoi-lo-TJD-213x300FCC Board secretary Hoi-Lo Chan, who is leaving the Club and the territory for the distant shores of Australia, was bid a fond farewell in the Main Dining Room on January 7. Hoi-Lo had some great memories of her 15 years at the Club and paid tribute to past Board members and presidents as well as the unmatched support from General Manager Gilbert Cheng. There was a bevy of former Club presidents, led by the incumbent Neil Western, who raised a glass or two. Second Vice-President Kevin Egan proposed the toast as Hoi-Lo cut her astonishing cake.

See Last Word in the January/February issue of The Correspondent for tributes from the presidents who served with her since she became Board secretary in 2008.



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Photos: Aira Fernando/Asiapix Studios

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