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Members vote to approve new Articles of Association

IMG_0207There was some spirited debate when FCC members gathered for the special meeting on March 11 to review the proposed new Articles of Association that had been posted on the Club website.

All three motions before the meeting were passed with clear majorities of members present as well as those who sent in postal ballots. FCC President Jitendra Joshi emphasised that the voting was informal and the decisions made were not binding, but gave a clear indication of how the membership felt about these issues. He said the next step was to incorporate the agreed changes into the proposed draft Articles and submit the entire document to the Registrar of Companies for approval. Once the Registrar has approved the text, the Board will convene an extraordinary general meeting of Club members to pass a “special resolution” to adopt the new Articles

The three motions were:

  • Agreeing to submit the draft Articles to the Registrar of Companies.
  • Amending the terms of Silver membership so that this benefit takes effect at the age of 65 after 30 years of continuous membership, rather than after 20 years.
  • Amending the qualifying criteria for candidates to the Board of Governors to state: “No Person shall be eligible for nomination as a candidate for board membership if he has previously been a governor for a continuous period of six years immediately before such nomination.”

Details of the debate will be presented on the Club website as well as the next issue of The Correspondent.

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