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Monthly membership subs to rise

At the meeting of the FCC Board of Governors held April 16, as few days after the Town Hall meeting, the Board resolved to increase the monthly membership subscription fee by HK$150 per month, to HK$1,100 from HK$950. The increases will take effect from July 1.

The Board is also drafting of a proposed amendment to Article 7 of the Articles of Association that will allow future Boards to consider whether or not attaching a fee to the spouse membership privilege is appropriate. (Any such amendment would require at least 75% support at a general meeting).

It will also continue to develop and investigate other options available, including a minimum spending requirement, as reflected in the opinions of the membership at the Town Hall meeting.

At the Town Hall, President Neil Western had asked the more than 100 members present for a show of hands over the issue of minimum monthly spend. More than 75% of the room were in favour. He also asked for a show of hands in favour of introducing spouse membership fees and the vote was split 50:50.

Minutes of the Board discussion of the issue will be posted on the Club’s website earlier than usual in recognition of the wide membership interest in the matter.

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