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Murder mystery among the mishmash

51d3RrA7AtL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Author, journalist, lecturer and former restaurateur Barry Kalbe has just published a new novel on called “Chop Suey”. “It’s a tale of Hong Kong, China and the Chinese people, all wrapped in a murder mystery,” said long-time FCC member Kalbe. “The title refers to the China of today: a mishmash – a chop suey – of free-market capitalism, stifling Leninist political control, modern-day consumerism, staggering levels of corruption, spectacular economic progress.”

The story touches on Chinese culture, tradition, superstition, language, art, cuisine and modern history, by way of explaining the country and its people to an international audience that reads and hears about China constantly, but often doesn’t know much about it.

“The book is the fruit of my 35 years of observing the Chinese on both sides of the Hong Kong border at close range. It avoids the usual clichés and misconceptions about China and the Chinese, and results – I like to think – in a highly readable tale for anyone, China expert or not, who enjoys a well-written story.”

The book is available in both print and digital versions.

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The Correspondent, April - June 2021