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No time travel in China

On January 20, Chinese internet users discovered that one of the country’s most popular homegrown online televisions shows had disappeared. All 37 episodes of Go Princess Go! – an offbeat series about a playboy who travels 1,000 years back in time, changes sex, and becomes a concubine – were removed from the web. Five other popular programmes disappeared soon after. Each of the shows seemed in some way to violate State Administration of Press, Publication, Film, Radio, and Television (SAPPFRT) regulations, including bans on portrayals of time travel, “superstition”, and police brutality.

Feng Jun, an analyst at the consultancy ENT Group, told the Financial Times that regulators had singled out the most popular series as a shortcut for increasing content control across the industry, since they do not have the resources to review all of the many amateur programmes being posted.


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