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OBITUARY: Farewell Rodney Tasker

Rodney Tasker
The Review’s Bangkok bureau in the 1980s: Rodney Tasker, left, with John McBeth, Paisal Sricharatchanya, and Bertil Lintner.

Rodney Tasker died March 24 in Thailand, aged 70. For 30 years Tasker was among the most noted foreign journalists working in Asia. Arriving from the UK in 1971, after a stint at the China Mail he joined the Far Eastern Economic Review in Hong Kong in 1974. He became the Review correspondent in Manila for several years then moved to Bangkok as Chief Correspondent and the magazine’s principal correspondent covering Southeast Asia. He remained with the magazine until shortly before its 2004 demise.

Tasker was an informed and fluent writer who contributed immensely to the Review‘s prestige around the region. But above all he was an open and engaging individual who could deal as easily with prime ministers as with his fellow journalists. He was liked by those who disliked what he wrote, and a friend to all his colleagues.

Photo: Al Dawson Archive

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