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Remembering Cuddles

Ray-Vespa Saigon 2006IMG_4162Ray Cranbourne passed away in December last year and it took a while for family and friends to organise their schedules and travel arrangements, but that they did. Ray’s daughters Cheryle and Lorretta flew in from the US and  wife Nida and daughter Raeanna from the Philippines. Others like Ken Sadler and his wife flew in from the UK and from across Asia to gather in Bert’s on January 29 to remember Ray, his life and work, and most of all his warm friendship.

It was a wonderful evening with old friends and colleagues catching up, sharing anecdotes and raising several glasses to Ray over the course of the evening. Ray, of course, was an FCC stalwart and one of the Club’s iconic Vietnam photojournalists who made Hong Kong his home after the war and became one of the region’s prominent photojournalists.

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The Correspondent March-April 2016 Ray Cranbourne’s obit

Wake photos by Terry Duckham/Asiapix Studios

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