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Richard Hughes: correspondent… and club manager?

The legendary correspondent and lunch host Richard Hughes – who died in 1984 and whose bronze bust keeps a watchful eye on the denizens in the FCC’s Main Bar – had another brief and little-known career as the first general manager of the FCC Japan in 1945. At the time, the FCCJ, which had 170 members, was at the centre of a campaign to establish a venue for correspondents that was outside of the control of US Army and the Occupation administration and their overweening censorship rules.

The September/October issue of The Correspondent has a story by Gavin Greenwood about the draconian US Army censorship that correspondents, photographers and broadcasters had to face throughout the Pacific War.

The FCCJ’s Eiichiro Tokumoto writes about the anti-censorship campaign and its role in the formation of the FCCJ and Richard Hughes as the first manager in the following link.

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