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Self-compassion may be an answer

Anna Friis-FCC1Self-compassion is emerging as a balm for many modern day ailments, arising out of scientific studies into the health benefits associated with mindfulness, according to health psychologist Anna Friis, at an FCC lunch on May 18.

She said that not only does self-compassion offer a pathway to reducing the negative Anna Friis-FCCeffects of stress on health and well-being, but may also be the missing link in preventing empathy fatigue and so-called compassion burn-out. Friis talked about the latest research showing how compassion is a skill that can be trained, enabling one to ”breath underwater” when faced with difficult life circumstances and – importantly – more likely to care for others.

First trained as a journalist, Friis attained a Masters degree in the brain-body effects of stress, retrained as a health psychologist before embarking on a PhD investigating the health benefits of self-compassion among people suffering chronic illness.

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