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Tears for Fears at the FCC Annual Charity Ball Photo Album

It was yet another gala evening at the Hong Kong Convention Centre’s Grand Hall, as the 14th FCC Annual Charity Ball got underway last Saturday, October 10.

An eclectic gathering of Hong Kong’s corporate and social elite mingled with correspondents, photographers, media and the PLK’s FCC Scholarship Alumni members among the display of art, memorabilia, fashion, jewellery and accessories to be auctioned as part of the evening’s fundraising efforts for the FCC Charity Fund.

FCC_CB2015_1410_loRes FCC_CB2015_1521_loRes FCC_CB2015_1499_Asiapix_low res

FCC_CB_2015_5405_Asiapix_low res FCC_CB2015_1094_loRes FCC_CB2015_1110_Asiapix_low res

FCC_CB2015_9542_Asiapix_low res FCC_CB2015_9544_loRes FCC_CB2015_9549_loRes

FCC_CB2015_9511_Asiapix_low res FCC_CB2015_9539_Asiapix_low res FCC_CB2015_9519 2

FCC_CB2015_9208_loRes FCC_CB2015_9190_loRes FCC_CB2015_9105_Asiapix_low res

FCC_CB2015_5234_Asiapix_low res FCC_CB2015_5087_loRes FCC_CB2015_9086_Asiapix_low res

FCC_CB2015_9506_Asiapix_low res FCC_CB2015_9475_Asiapix_low res FCC_CB2015_9453_loRes

FCC_CB2015_9445_loRes FCC_CB2015_9394_Asiapix_low res FCC_CB2015_9369_Asiapix_low res

FCC_CB2015_9356_loRes FCC_CB2015_9342_Asiapix_low res FCC_CB2015_9283_loRes

FCC_CB2015_8963_Asiapix_low res FCC_CB2015_8936_loRes FCC_CB2015_8916_loRes
FCC_CB2015_8838_Asiapix_low res FCC_CB2015_8834_Asiapix_low res FCC_CB2015_8820_Asiapix_low res

FCC_CB2015_8717_Asiapix_low res FCC_CB2015_5401C_loRes FCC_CB2015_4806_Asiapix_low res

FCC_CB2015_5060_loRes FCC_CB2015_4564_Asiapix_low res FCC_CB2015_4551_Asiapix_low res

FCC_CB2015_1295_Asiapix_low res       FCC_CB2015_1528_Asiapix_low res       FCC_CB2015_1247_loRes

FCC_CB2015_1227_Asiapix_low res         FCC_CB2015_1037_Asiapix_low res         FCC_CB2015_5279C_loRes         FCC_CB2015_5066_loRes

Photos by Terry Duckham/Asiapix Studios

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