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Temporary kitchen and no Bert’s for two months

Chef GeorgeThrough August and September the FCC’s main kitchen, buried deep in the bowels of 2 Lower Albert Road, will undergo a HK$6 million refit, with all major fittings and appliances ripped out and replaced with modern equipment. Led by Chef George, our kitchen staff has done heroic work in recent years to sustain the FCC’s high-quality food offerings, despite jerry-rigged equipment that has become threadbare and downright unreliable. The refit was conceived some years ago, but the go button was activated after our building lease was successfully renewed in January.

Once the overhaul is complete, the kitchen will offer fully modern working environment allowing the Club far more flexibility to add new styles of cuisine. Such flexibility will be crucial as we start to re-imagine the Main Dining Room, in both design and food terms, ahead of a planned refurbishment to be undertaken next summer.

When takThe kitchen before professional advice on the kitchen overhaul, the House Committee was pleased to be informed that the current configuration was optimal for our needs and there was no merit to redesigning the space. As a result, equipment has been replaced on a like-for-like basis, which has kept the cost reasonable and allowed a relatively short closure of the space.

During the kitchen refit period in August and September, the FCC will offer a shortened menu that will continue to feature plenty of Club favourites. Details of the menu will be posted online over the next week and members can expect follow-up email communication. During this period, a temporary kitchen will be operated in Bert’s resulting in the closure of this space. Throughout this period members will have full access to the health club and the work room.

All cooking will take place in the area behind the Bert’s Bar, which currently houses our bakery. Food preparation will take place in the pool table area while the Bert’s restaurant area will mostly be used for food storage and a staff resting area.

Once Bert’s reopens in early October, the bar should be good as new as the facility will have a new carpet and receive a fresh lick of paint, both of which are overdue. We will also take the opportunity to send our more than 20-year-old pool table back to the factory for repairs and a well-deserved service that will see pockets fixed. We would appreciate your patience over the summer and look forward to welcoming you back to an improved FCC.

The kitchen before renovation.  The kitchen before renovation. The kitchen before renovation.





Photos: Carsten Schael

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