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Thai military keep close eye on FCC Thailand

Anuthee Dejthevaporn-FCCTCensorship, particularly self-censorship is alive and well in Thailand’s newsrooms, according to Voice TV’s political reporter, Anuthee Dejthevaporn, who recently addressed the FCC Thailand.

For Voice TV, this censorship began the day the military seized power in May 2014 when the station was taken off the air for the month, Dejthevaporn said.

Even for the FCCT the military keeps a close eye on its activities. All meetings of the FCCT are attended by the military who sometimes video the proceedings.

One thing you could say is that the military are avid viewers of all news and political programmes… but they are also keen complainers and make clever use of other government bodies to gets what they want.

Dejthevaporn gave some striking good examples of how this works: a show renamed twice in order not to offend the army (apparently “Wake Up Thailand” is a bit too much); another show was taken off the air; the host of one show was removed; and a list of proscribed commentators has been issued.

“Self censorship is what we do to avoid further troubles,” Dejthevaporn said of his station’s approach.

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