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The battle is on for FCC Board election

IMG_0334-300x186For the first time in some years, there will be a face-off for the position of President in the annual FCC Board election. This was made official at the Nomination Meeting on April 1, pictured above, which finalised the list of candidates for the election.

The usual purpose of the Nomination Meeting is for members to make last minute nominations from the floor or, in fact, to nominate themselves. After this process the candidates are formally declared for the election which ends at 5pm on May 20. The new Board takes office at the end of the AGM meeting the next day on May 21.

The presidential race sees Francis Moriarty (freelance) and Neil Western (The Wall Street Journal) face each other in the hustings – in the FCC’s case this means talking to members around the bar.

For the positions of First and Second Vice-President there is only one candidate for each: Tara Joseph as First Vice-President and Kevin
Egan as Second Vice-President.
IMG_0343-300x200The election of Correspondent Governors sees nine candidates for eight positions. This year there are four new candidates: Stephen Engel (Bloomberg TV), Nicholas Gentle (Bloomberg News), Natasha Khan (Bloombertg News) and Juliana Liu (BBC News). Keith Bradsher (The New York Times) returns to the Board after a year’s break, while Florence De Changy (Le Monde and French National Radio), Nan-Hie In (freelance), Angie Lau (Bloomberg TV), and Carsten Schael (Carsten Schael Photography) are sitting members of the Board up for re-election.
IMG_0342-300x200You will see that there are four Bloomberg candidates. In the past other news organisations have taken dominant positions, including Reuters and the Far Eastern Economic Review, which usually reflect the fact that Hong Kong is those organisations’ regional headquarters.

In the Journalist Governor category there are four candidates for two positions: Clifford Buddle (SCMP), Wyng Chow (The Standard) James Gould (RTHK) and Cammy Yiu (CULTURE Magazine). Cammy Yiu and Wyng Chow are re-standing, while Cliff Buddle and James Gould are new to the hustings.

In the Associate Governor category there are four candidates for four positions: Andy Chworowsky (Black Isle Group), Chris Dillon (Dillon Communications), Tim Huxley (Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings) and Simon Pritchard (GaveKal Dragonomics).