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The FCC’s first dynamic Journalism Conference

FCC_JC23042016_1033-300x199The FCC’s first Journalism Conference saw a packed house in the Main Dining Room and Verandah talk about the issues confronting journalists in the era of digital disruption. Although for Paul Beckett, Asia Editor for The Wall Street Journal, he did not see digital disruption, rather that it was the “most creative
– and best – era for journalists”.

FCC_JC23042016_2452-300x199The first session really got to the meat of it: kickstarting your journalism career. The panel of senior editors, moderated by Tara Joseph, Chief Correspondent Asia for Reuters TV, was what they thought were the key qualities for aspiring journalists.

David Merritt, Executive Editor, Asia for Bloomberg News: “Passion for news.”

Anne-Marie Roantree, Hong Kong Bureau Chief for Reuters: “Curiosity and perseverance.”

Beckett: “All journalists should be digital journalists.”
FCC_JC_23042016_1177-300x208Phil Pan, Asia Editor for the New York Times: “Someone who stands in their reporting and writing.”

The other packed sessions looked at sourcing through social media; following the money – the document dive; news in the digital and mobile era; challenging authority; cybersecurity; the art of the long-form – feature writing; covering conflict and disaster safely; front page photography with your smartphone; and the future of journalism.

For full coverage of this landmark event check out the FCC’s website and the next issue of The Correspondent.

Photos by Terry Duckham/Asiapix Studios

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