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The Greatest at the FCC

Ali-CranbourneMuhammad Ali visited the FCC in Hong Kong in 1979 on his way to Guangzhou and ultimately Beijing to meet Deng Xiaoping. Earlier that year Ali had officially retired, although he had two more disastrous fights the following year.

FCC member and photographer Ray Cranbourne, who set up the iconic photo of a scowling Ali sitting at a “complaints desk” at the FCC, said later that it was his favourite shot. Of course, Ali, who was never short of a word throughout his career, entertained a full house at the FCC’s Sutherland House home.

Ali, who was famous for his rhyming “trash talk” before his fights, will always be remembered for his much-copied catchphrase, “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”.


Photo by Ray Cranbourne

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