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FCC statement on Andy Chan Ho-Tin club lunch event

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Hong Kong (FCC) has invited Andy Chan Ho-Tin of the Hong Kong National Party to speak at the club for one of our regular lunchtime events.

He and his party have been in the news since Hong Kong authorities have said they are considering banning the party.

Our speaker events are at the core of the FCC. We invite a very broad range of speakers and panellists to address our members and to answer questions from them, on politics, business, the arts and many other topics. Hosting such events does not mean that we either endorse or oppose the views of our speakers, who have included senior officials of the Chinese, Hong Kong and other governments as well as their opponents, and we will continue to welcome speakers with widely differing points of view in the future.

The FCC believes its members and the public at large have the right – and in the case of journalists, the professional responsibility – to hear the views of different sides in any debate.

Hong Kong rightly prides itself on its reputation as a place where the rule of law applies and where there is freedom of speech. Likewise, the FCC fully respects the law, and champions free speech and freedom of the press across Asia.

We believe that in free societies such as Hong Kong it is vitally important to allow people to speak and debate freely, even if one does not agree with their particular views.

The FCC is a club with some 2,000 members, including foreign correspondents, local journalists, diplomats, businesspeople, professionals, and serving and former Hong Kong government officials.

FCC Board of Governors

6 August 2018

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