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Past Speakers

Here is a selection of past distinguished speakers that have given their time at the Club.

Dec 2015

Club Lunch: Hong Kong's Independent Judicial System - What Does the Future Hold?
Club Lunch: Guangdong's Pilot Free Trade Zone: A New Window as China Opens Up

Nov 2015

Club Event: Revolutionizing Design with 3D Printing
Club Lunch: Japan’s National Security Policy: Challenges in Asia

Oct 2015

Club Panel Discussion: The Chinese Economy: What Medicine is Needed?
Club Lunch:Gunboat Justice: Extraterritoriality and the Making of Modern China and Japan
Club Lunch: Is It Time For Hong Kong To Lose The U.S. Dollar Peg?

Sep 2015

Club Lunch: Game of Thrones: How to Win and Lose at Politics in Xi Jinping's PRC
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