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Braised beancurd and fried gluten puffs in clay pot 紅燒山根豆腐煲
Braised tofu with ground pork and chili sauce 麻婆豆腐
Chicken bento box with miso soup 日式雞肉便當配麵豉湯
Fried ho fan with sliced beef and bean sprouts 乾炒牛河
Garoupa and broccoli ragout with bean sauce in clay pot 豉汁西蘭花斑片煲
Hainan chicken rice 海南雞飯
Malaysian char Kway Teow with prawns and Chinese sausage 馬來西亞炒貴刁
Minced beef on rice with a fried egg 煎蛋免治牛肉飯
Mixed grain fried rice with vegetables 雜菜粒五穀飯
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Poached pork & vegetable dumplings with dark vinegar 蒸豬肉餃配鎮江醋
Quinoa 藜麥
Sautéed prawns with Sichuan chili 四川蝦仁
Sautéed seasonal vegetables with garlic 蒜茸炒時蔬
Singapore noodles 星州炒米
Steamed rice 白飯
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