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FCC Caesar salad with charred salmon fillet 外國記者會特色凱撒沙律配扒三文魚
FCC Caesar salad with grilled sumac chicken breast 外國記者會特色凱撒沙律配中東香草雞胸
FCC Caesar salad with prosciutto and shaved parmesan外國記者會特色凱撒沙律配意大利煙豬腿
FCC Caesar salad外國記者會特色凱撒沙律
FCC chef’s salad 外國記者會廚師沙律
Grilled salmon, green asparagus and greens with anchovy dressing 扒三文魚伴露筍田園沙律配銀魚汁
Jicama, chicken & avocado salad with light curried mayonnaise 沙葛牛油果雞沙律
Mediterranean salad地中海沙律
Salada de atum 葡式吞拿魚沙律
Salade niçoise with charred herbed snapper fillet 尼高斯沙律配鱲魚柳
Spinach & cheese quiche with side salad 菠菜芝士撻伴沙律
Zesty quinoa salad藜麥、意大利青瓜、牛油果、乾果、橄欖、櫻桃番茄及南瓜籽沙律
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