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ACLT牛油果雞肉生菜番茄中東包 Avocado, chicken, lettuce and tomato in a pita pocket
ALT牛油果生菜番茄中東包 Avocado, lettuce and tomato in a pita pocket
Egg mayo & melted cheese on toasted ciabatta 意式蛋碎蛋黃醬芝士三文治
FCC club sandwich 公司三文治
Grilled panini with gruyére, tomato & avocado扒芝士、番茄、牛油果三文治
Grilled panini with gruyère, tomato & gammon ham 扒芝士番茄火腿三文治
Jumbo hot dog 珍寶熱狗
Reuben 芝士黑椒牛肉三文治 A grilled sandwich of pastrami, sauerkraut, Cheddar cheese, mustard and onions
Tuna mayo with tomato and lettuce in a tortilla wrap 吞拿魚墨西哥粟米卷
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