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Possibility of China using military force in Hong Kong “quite low” says expert in Chinese politics

China’s Communist Party has learned from the past and wants to resolve conflicts without force, a tactic it is currently trying with regards to the current unrest in Hong Kong, according to an expert in Chinese politics.

Professor Yan Xiaojun, Associate Professor in Politics and Public Administration at the University of Hong Kong, said that China wants to uphold One Country, Two Systems and believes that the city’s government and police were managing the crisis adequately. He said the likelihood of China using military force in Hong Kong was “quite low”.

Prof Yan appeared at the FCC on October 3 to reflect on 70 years of the People’s Republic of China. He said China had transformed from one of the poorest nations into one of the strongest over the last seven decades because the Communist Party had learned lessons from its own history and that of the collapsed Soviet Union.

He said the party understood it had to continue to learn in order to survive.

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FCC Security Statement

With the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, the club may, on occasion, see fit to lock its front doors for security reasons, as it did on Saturday afternoon when there was a demonstration rallying point outside the main entrance. The club remained open and access was controlled by our security guard.
The safety of our staff, members and their guests is paramount. To that end, on weekends, until further notice, we will ask members who are bringing guests to the club to contact the concierge ([email protected]) ahead of time with the names of their guests. Members attending the club will be asked to show their cards at the door.
Club events this week will go ahead as planned.
During this period the club will do its best to maintain the high quality of service we have always been proud to offer. We also are proud to be a forum for training, debate and discussion about the Hong Kong protests as part of our long tradition of upholding press freedom. Visiting journalists to Hong Kong are welcome to join us during this period.

Journalists Visiting Hong Kong Welcome at FCC

Dear Correspondent or Journalist member,

The continuing protests in Hong Kong are causing media organizations to send additional journalists based overseas to cover the story. If you have friends or colleagues in this situation, please let them know that they are welcome to use the FCC facilities during their time in Hong Kong as a place to work from, or for some simple R&R with fellow journalists.

The FCC allows journalists temporarily working in Hong Kong to access its facilities at no charge so long as they provide the following information:

– Passport

– Proof of a home address outside of Hong Kong

– A travel ticket showing their arrival and planned departure from Hong Kong

– Proof of journalistic credentials, such as a press card or a letter from their employer


Journalists can contact the front office in person or get in touch on [email protected] or tel 2521 1511. They will be issued a stored value card for food and beverage purchases that can be loaded up using cash or a credit card.

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