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CC club lunch with Jing ULRICH

Date: 24 Feb 2010 01:00 PM — 02:00 PM | Venue:

Speaker: Jing ULRICH
Managing Director & Chairman, China Equities & Commodities
Topic: China’s policy shift: what lies ahead?

China’s robust growth in 2009 has ironically caused market jitters, since high growth and rising inflation are increasing the likelihood of further monetary tightening. Considering the recent shift in policy focus, what is the outlook for asset prices, inflation, and the RMB?

A considerable amount of new credit will be ensured to support the economy’s recovery and structural adjustment in 2010, but heightened lending in early January has increased concern by regulators. How will China fine-tune its credit policy and which industries are likely to be impacted by administrative controls? Pockets of the Chinese property market are experiencing bubbles of monumental proportions. Can the government’s anti-speculation campaign effectively temper the boom-bust characteristic of China’s property market? Chinese consumption of iron ore, coal and copper surged to record levels during 2009. How will end-demand and credit conditions affect commodity prices and resource companies in 2010?

Jing ULRICH is J.P. Morgan’s Managing Director and Chairman of China Equities and Commodities. Educated at Harvard and Stanford Universities, Ms. ULRICH is one of the most prominent advisors to the world’s largest asset management companies, pension and sovereign wealth funds. She also serves as an advisor to Chinese institutions seeking to invest overseas. Jing has received numerous industry accolades for her work as a China watcher. She was ranked as one of Fortune Magazine’s 50 Most Powerful Global Businesswomen in September 2009.

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