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CC club lunch with Wendy YEO

Speaker: Wendy YEO

Topic: Can the Arts Flourish in Hong Kong?

Art is a window to the soul. Great civilisations are judged by their art – it speaks volumes about who they were and what they cared about. The question for the citizens of Hong Kong in the 21-century is: how would they like to be remembered by history through their art? What mark do they want to leave behind? In this talk, the Hong Kong-born artist, Wendy YEO, will discuss why she thinks art is important for Hong Kong, its cultural identity, and its people; how it can be made to flourish in a world dominated by business and money; and the challenges it faces in creating a meaningful artistic legacy.

Wendy YEO was born in Hong Kong and is a granddaughter of Sir Robert Ho Tung. She is one of the few artists of Chinese descent to have made it into the top tier of the British art establishment, through her elected membership to the Watercolour Society of Wales (patron: The Prince of Wales). Since graduating from the Slade School of Fine Art, University of London, where she won many prizes and scholarships, she has had a career of more than 30 solo and 30 mixed exhibitions worldwide, including: North America, Europe, The Middle East, and Asia. Early in her career, she collaborated with John PIPER in a two-person exhibition and was the first exhibition judge at Hong Kong’s City Hall. Her work is included in many important public and private collections throughout the world. YEO lives and works both in London and Wales, United Kingdom.

Speaker: Wendy YEO,Artist

Human Rights Press Awards


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