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Club Breakfast Briefing: The Hong Kong Protests – A Workshop on Journalists’ Safety

Date: 23 Jul 2019 08:00 AM | Venue:

The Hong Kong Protests –
A Workshop on Journalists’ Safety

Stevo Stephen
APAC and Africa News Risk Senior Manager , The Wall Street Journal
Tuesday, July 23, 2019
8:00am for 8:15am talk
1st Floor
This event is open to club members, their guests and the media

In the first of a series of FCC workshops focused on the protests in Hong Kong, security expert Stevo Stephen will give a briefing on the safest and most effective ways of covering demonstrations and street violence. His talk will include an explanation of the best equipment and preparation for covering the protests; how to position yourself to maximise your coverage while staying out of harm’s way; and how to interact with the police and demonstrators, particularly when violence breaks out. His presentation will include a list of “dos and don’ts” and a demonstration of safety equipment.


Stevo Stephen has a background with the British Commandos where he served with US, French and Croatian forces. After leaving the military in 2003 he entered the world of private security in Iraq and became a corporate security manager for several large companies including Deloitte and Halliburton. He has held regional responsibility roles in the Middle East and North Africa for Halliburton. Currently serving as the APAC and Africa News Risk Senior Manager for the Wall Street Journal, Stevo has on-the-ground experience of training journalists at the scene of the protests in Hong Kong and also previously in the UK.He was also a speaker on a panel on journalists’ safety at the 2019 FCC Journalism Conference.


Future FCC workshops will include sessions on the use of technology in covering the protests and the kinds of legal risks media face. With the launch of the workshops, the FCC is furthering its goal of promoting press freedom in Hong Kong by acting as a forum for education and discussion.




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