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Club Breakfast: How The China-U.S. Trade Dynamic Impacts Investment and Supply Chains in Asia

Date: 7 Aug 2019 08:00 AM | Venue:

How The China-U.S. Trade Dynamic Impacts
Investment and Supply Chains in Asia

Ernest Bower
Founder & CEO, BowerGroup Asia
   Wednesday, August 7, 2019
8:00am for 8:15am – Talk
1st Floor

While observers look for signs that the U.S.- China trade dispute is nearing a resolution, its influence on the global economy continues to reverberate. With effects far beyond the bilateral relationship, the dispute has accelerated some pre-existing trends in and resulted in economic production and across the Indo-Pacific and shifted elements of the global supply chains out of China and into other Asian markets. Regardless of when and how the dispute ends, these changes will alter worldwide trade dynamics. In this discussion, BowerGroupAsia President & CEO Ernie Bower will give an overview of the regional dynamics at play, how countries have responded to these challenges and how individual companies can navigate this new environment.


Mr. Bower is the founder and CEO of BowerGroupAsia Inc. and founder and chairman of AkarAsia Inc. which is pioneering the field of digital advocacy and the use of artificial intelligence as a policy and business tool across Asia. He helped to start the US-ASEAN Business Council in the mid 1980s and served for a decade until 2004 as president of the private business group comprised of America’s leading companies in Southeast Asia. He also created a chair for Southeast Asia at the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), in Washington, D.C. He has served as director of a U.S.-ASEAN Strategy Commission and as the secretariat of the U.S.-ASEAN Eminent Persons Group.




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