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Club Dinner Panel: The 19th Party Congress – Implications for China’s Future

The 19th Party Congress –
Implications for China’s Future
Dr. Willy Lam
is an Adjunct Professor at the Center for China Studies and the History Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Dr. Jean-Pierre Cabestan
is Professor and Head, Department of Government and International Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University.


Dr. Chloé Froissart
is the Director of the Tsinghua University Sino-French Centre in Social Sciences in Beijing.


Dr. Bill Taylor
is Associate Professor at the Department of Public Policy, City University of Hong Kong.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017
6:45pm – Light Buffet Dinner Served
7:15pm – Panel
1st Floor
The forthcoming 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will hold the key to political, economic and foreign-policy developments well into the 2030s. Will Xi anoint a successor among the CCP’s Sixth-Generation rising stars? Even more pivotal is whether, having consolidated his power, Xi will turn his attention to much-needed reforms in the political, economic and social sectors. Will Xi, with his enhanced powers, take a more hawkish line in China’s problematic relations with the U.S., Japan, South and North Korea and ASEAN states. The panel also delved into the evolving political institutions of the Party-State; the welfare of laborers and farmers; as well as the fast-changing civil society. Panelist Dr. Willy Lam is the editor of the just-published Routledge Handbook of the Chinese Communist Party (2017). The rest of the panelists are contributors to this Handbook.


Speaker: Dr. Willy Lam, Dr. Jean-Pierre Cabestan, Dr. Chloé Froissart, Dr. Bill Taylor,

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