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Club Lunch – Duterte: Fire and Fury in the Philippines

Duterte: Fire and Fury in the Philippines

Jonathan Miller
Asia Correspondent, Channel 4 News, London
Monday, November 5, 2018
12:30pm for 12:45pm – Lunch
1:15pm – Address
1st Floor

Rodrigo Duterte’s presidential election campaign pledge in the Philippines was mass murder, pure and simple. Unlike most politicians, he faithfully delivered on his campaign promise. Jonathan Miller, author of a new and deeply researched biography of Rodrigo Duterte, examines the record of the man who leads one of Hong Kong’s most important Asian neighbours. More than 16 million Filipinos bought Duterte’s elections pledge and voted him in by a landslide. In his first 18 months in power, four times as many people were killed than the disgraced dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, managed in a decade under martial law from 1972. Duterte has also set about systematically assailing the pillars of Asia’s oldest democracy, including the courts. Miller, who has been branded “son of a whore” by Duterte himself, will speak about his book and examine where the Philippine president fits into the global trend towards authoritarian populism of the sort that has propelled Trump, Putin, Erdogan, Modi and even Xi to power.


Jonathan Miller was born in the north of Ireland and has spent much of his life in Southeast Asia, where his family lived for 25 years. As a foreign correspondent, he gravitated back, devoting nearly half his 30-year career to reporting from across Asia. This resulted in an abiding fascination with the region. After more than a decade as a London-based foreign affairs correspondent with Channel 4 News, he took up the post of Asia Correspondent just as Rodrigo Duterte rose to power. He soon found himself covering the calamitous consequences.He has won four Royal Television Society awards for his journalism, and four Amnesty International TV News awards.


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Speaker: Jonathan Miller,Asia Correspondent, Channel 4 News, London