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Club Lunch: Meltdown in Tibet

Michael Buckley
Author & Filmmaker

12:45PM – LUNCH

Michael Buckley will explain how he shifted from writing guidebooks about Tibet to becoming an environmentalist, uncovering eco-disasters that loom in Tibet and beyond. His new book, Meltdown in Tibet, is a startling expose of environmental destruction on the Tibetan plateau, through the building of mega-dams, extensive mining and grassland degradation. This has severe effects not only in Tibet but far beyond, across China and deep into India and a dozen other nations that lie downstream along the mighty rivers flowing out of Tibet.

Mr. Buckley is also a filmmaker of three documentaries about major environmental issues in Tibet —the documentaries in fact form the research base for the book. He co-authored an initial guidebook to Tibet in 1986. His other books include Tibet: the Bradt Travel Guide; Heartlands: Travels in the Tibetan World; and Eccentric Explorers. A freelance adventure travel writer and photographer, he has traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia and the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges.

Speaker: Michael Buckley,Author & Filmmaker