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Club Lunch: The Future of International Reporting in a Time of Peril – How the Next Generation Will Cover the Stories that Matter

Date: 2 Apr 2015 01:00 PM — 02:00 PM | Venue:

12:30PM for 12:45PM – LUNCH

Speaker: Charles M. Sennott Co-Founder,GlobalPost
Founder, The GroundTruth Project

At a time of rising peril and struggling financial models for in-depth journalism, how will the next generation tell the stories that matter? The speaker explored answers to this question based on 30 years of working on the front lines not only on some of the world’s most challenging stories as an editor and journalist but also based on 8 years on the front lines of creating the new business models we needed to sustain international reporting. He told the story of building GlobalPost’s editorial team in 2008 and now shifting to a new model with GroundTruth that was more focused on mentoring and empowering a new generation of journalists who would be ‘true north’ in finding the path toward a bright future for international reporting in the digital age.

GlobalPost co-founder Charles M. Sennott was also the Founder and Executive Director of The GroundTruth Project, a new non-profit organization that inspired and empowered the next generation of international correspondents to report and publish stories about the global challenges that impact us all. An award-winning foreign correspondent, author and documentary producer, Sennott was also an entrepreneur and pioneer in digital media. Sennott had more than 30 years experience in journalism and had covered cops, courts and criminal gangs as well as the biggest international stories of our time from the first Gulf War to the US invasion of Afghanistan after 9-11 and from the Arab Spring to the rise of ISIS. He was a longtime foreign correspondent for The Boston Globe and the former Middle East Bureau Chief for the paper.

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