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Club Press Conference: North and South: Where Next For Korea?

North and South:
Where Next For Korea?
Speaker: Ms. Enna Park
South Korean Ambassador for Public Diplomacy
TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2017


Missile launches, political turmoil and corporate scandal. The Korean peninsula continues to make front pages around the world and experts are divided on how it will play out. A newly elected government has signalled it wants warmer relations with Beijing. An early reach-out to Pyonyang has already been rebuffed. Meanwhile U.S. President Donald Trump has warned China to find a solution, or he will. Ambassador Park offered views on these topics and answered questions.

Ambassador Park is responsible for public diplomacy in the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She served as director general for international development in the MOFA and was Minister in the Korean embassy in Beijing, China. She has served as a minister counsellor in the Korean mission to the UN and has extensive experience in international security and trade.

Speaker: Ms. Enna Park,South Korean Ambassador for Public Policy

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