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Club Workshop: Information Security 101: Protect Your Data, Protect Your sources

Date: 26 Feb 2015 01:00 PM — 02:00 PM | Venue:

6:30pm – 7:30pm
1st Floor

We’ve received positive feedback about this well-attended event that covered everything from easy-to-employ strategies to safeguard your data and devices, to tools for encrypted instant messaging and phone calls on smartphones. Afterwards, several attendees approached the speakers for a copy of the presentation that was showcased at the workshop. Click here to access that slides presentation from this event; the link also features further resources for anyone that seeks more comprehensive information for better information security practices and more.

Speaker: Fabian Lischka, Leonhard A. Weese, Larry Salibra

When we communicated with friends or colleagues, worked with data or surf the web, our presumption generally was that the information was basically private and secure, and that nobody would spend the effort of compromising it. However, countless incident (the Snowden revelations, the iCloud nude celebrity photo scandal, etc.) showed that our information was not as safe as we might think; data brokers, hackers, and governments collect huge amounts of data on everyone. In this talk, the speakers would highlight potential threats briefly, and then explained some basic security measures and tools everyone can employ to make it harder for adversaries to spy on us.

Please brought your laptop to this workshop. The speakers would be provide hands-on-help in installing these tools such as GPG, the benchmark for encryption.


Fabian Lischka has degrees in engineering, scientific computing and computational mathematics from Karlsruhe, Warwick, and Stanford; he also attended Hacker School in New York. He is passionate about information security and privacy and has lived in Hong Kong for eight years.

Leonhard A. Weese studied economics in Vienna and statistics at the University of Hong Kong. He has worked as a data miner for startups and currently serves as the president of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong. He is passionate about privacy, civil liberties and technology.

Larry Salibra is the founder and CEO of Pay4Bugs, a web based service that tests phone apps and websites for bugs. He is passionate about privacy, identity and Chinese language. He has lived in Hong Kong for five years.

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