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Daily Lunch Specials

Monday, June 3

The Taste of Germany
 Appetizers & Soup:
 Smoked Trout & Smoked Salmon with Condiments
 Black Forest Ham & Smoked Turkey
Pork Liver Pâté
 Cervelat Sausage, Cheese & Radish Salad with Mustard Dressing
German Potato Salad
Beetroots with Chopped Onions
Lentil Soup with Croutons
    From The Chafing Dish:
Whole Roasted Spring Chicken with Rosemary Sauce
 Frankfurter Rippchen with Sauerkraut
Pan-Fried Trout Fillet with Almond Butter
 Bread & Bacon Dumplings
Braised Red Cabbage
Spaetzle in Butter
 Craving Station:
Roasted Corned Pork Knuckle
 Charred Bratwurst, Nürnberger & Thüringen Sausage
Dark Rye, Farmer’s Bread
Baked Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce
Black Forest Cake
  – Lacto-ovo Vegetarian    – Vegan    – Contains Alcohol

Tuesday, June 4
Daily carving station with soup of the day & dessert

Wednesday, June 5
International spicy feast lunch buffet

Thursday, June 6
Roasted striploin of beef with soup of the day & dessert

Friday, June 7
Public Holiday – Tuen Ng Festival