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Daily Lunch Specials

Monday, July 29

The Tastes of Taiwan
    Appetizers & Soup:
Bamboo, Shungi & Orka Salad with Spices
 Jelly Fish & Cucumber Salad
 Pork Strips and Bamboo Shoots Crêpes
 Crumbed Oysters with Yam Flour
 Tofu & Seaweed Broth with Seafood
 Hot Dishes:
 Deep-fried Pork Chops with Plum Sauce
Braised Sesame Oil Chicken with Herbs
 Crumbed Fish Fillet with Sesame & Vinegar Sauce
 Braised Boneless Pork Knuckles
Taiwanese Stir-fried Mushrooms
 Deep-fried Shrimp & Minced Pork, Taiwanese Style
Pineapple Cake
Assorted Dumplings
  – Lacto-ovo Vegetarian    – Vegan    – Contains Alcohol

Tuesday, July 30
Daily carving station with soup of the day & dessert

Wednesday, July 31
International spicy feast lunch buffet

Thursday, August 1
Roasted striploin of beef with soup of the day & dessert

Friday, August 2
The FCC’s lamb shawarma, at live carving station
Served with Greek salad and pita bread, soup of the day & dessert