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FCC club breakfast with Jonathan FENBY

Speaker: Jonathan FENBY
Topic: Brilliant at Breakfast: Jonathan FENBY

Jonathan FENBY is coming to Hong Kong at the invitation of The Man Hong Kong International Literary Festival.

Oscar WILDE believed that “only dull people are brilliant at breakfast”. We beg to differ. Come hear one of the Festival’s early morning stars talk about his recent works.

Former South China Morning Post editor Jonathan FENBY is the author of the Penguin History of Modern China and four others on China and Hong Kong. He has also written books on France, naval disasters and the highly acclaimed Alliance: The Inside Story of How Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill Won One War and Began Another.

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Speaker: Jonathan FENBY,

Play 20090313 - 9th March 2016
Human Rights Press Awards


The Human Rights Press Awards are run by the FCC, Amnesty International Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Journalists Association. The ceremony took place in May 2017. Click here to see the winners.