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FCC club event special

Date: 29 Aug 2012 01:00 PM — 02:00 PM | Venue:

Authors: Matthew FLYNN and Doug WOODRING

Topic: Water Margin Hong Kong’s Link to the Sea

Water Margin is a timely reminder of the special relationship between Hong Kong and the waters that surround it. Hong Kong was born because of its location on the southern coast of China, dotted with beautiful islands and natural deepwater bays. Without this geography, and the ocean linking it, none of us would be here today. Water Margin explores Hong Kong’s maritime history, from pirates and smugglers to colonizers, shipbuilders and captains of industry. Today, we are at an exciting crossroad, a period where serious rejuvenation and rebirth of our ocean resources can be accomplished. This is due in part to long-awaited improvements in sewage treatment and the end to the destructive use of trawling by fishermen in our waters. This charming yet serious book about our ocean raises unresolved issues, offers paths towards solutions and promotes appreciation of our Links to the Sea.

Doug WOODRING is the founder of Ocean Recovery Alliance which is focused on bringing new technologies, programs and collaborations together to improve the health of the ocean. He is a UNEP Climate Hero, and has been actively involved within the environmental community in the 20 years that he has lived in Hong Kong. Matthew FLYNN is a maritime economist who has worked on ground-breaking projects in South Africa, South Korea, and UAE. Earlier in his career, Matthew was the North Asia editor for Lloyd’s List. Today, Matthew is actively advising clients in shipbuilding, ports, and ships-in-operation. He is also involved in a range of coaching and performance consulting assignments.

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